Going Places: The Technology of Transport

April 29, 2021

NEW Summer Exhibit
June 12 - October 10, 2021

Going Places: The Technology of Transport

After a long year, it's time to travel again...
Created by the renowned Scitech in Perth, Australia, Going Places: The Technology of Transport is an interactive science exhibition that explores how different modes of transportation have shaped society. This engaging and interactive exhibit allows visitors to get hands-on with a multitude of challenging interactives.
As well as exploring the technology that gets us around everyday, visitors will also explore the way that travel has shaped the social fabric of our time. Visitors will even see new technology and get a glimpse of where our future is headed.

Ticket Details

  • FREE for Nauticus Members
  • Included in General Admission Ticket starting June 12
    • $15.95/adult +tax & $11.50/child +tax

Explore the Exhibit

17 Interactive Science Exhibits

Fly a plane, ride a hovercraft, race your friend on a recumbent bicycle, or learn to fly an airship! YOU are the driver in Going Places’ interactive exhibits!

Drone Launch

Jump in the pilot’s seat to fly a drone with full controls at your fingertips. Test your knowledge of balance, propulsion and velocity and watch your flying skills take off!

Recumbent Racer

Which is best: recumbent or racer? Race a friend to find out which type of bicycle travels fastest up and down hills and how professional cyclists reduce their aerodynamic profile to get the fastest times.

Flight Simulator

Climb aboard the flight simulator and pilot a plane through the skies. There’s more to it than simply turning left and right.

Land Yacht

Sailing is not just for the seas. Try your luck at sailing a land yacht against perilous winds. Traveling downwind is easy – but can you sail into the wind? You will need to use angles, and of course, ingenuity.